Stain Removal & Carpet Restoration

Sometimes carpets are too stained, trafficked or just simply in too much need of restoration for steam cleaning. This is where the Shane Steamers experience, training and advanced equipment count the most! If your carpet is in need of restoration, you may choose for us to treat your carpets with Rotovac® Powerwand®. The Rotovac® has dual high torque motors that power the rotary vacuum heads, which thoroughly clean the carpet from all directions with hundreds of cleaning passes a minute! Our Rotovac® has saved our customers $1000’s in carpet replacements and untold amounts of grief. This machine is truly a carpet cleaning miracle worker!

Rotovac stain removal photo

room view of Rotovac stain removal machine

For most situations, the Rotovac® is not necessary. Our advanced stain removal techniques and chemicals can take care of most common household carpet stains, like Kool-Aid, Rust Removal, Furniture stains and Pet contamination. For pet urine contamination we utilize OSR® (Odor Stain Remover) by Pros Choice®. This process is GUARANTEED to remove 100% of pet urine odors!

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